We are Global !

We expand our expertise overseas counties. Our headquarters is based in İstanbul and Qatar.
We have cloud consultancy projects more than 15+ countries all over the World.

CloudCan By Microsoft,

It is an approved business partner for
Modernization of Web Application specialization.
With this well-deserved expertise, we are ready to serve you
with our 20 years of experience!

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Solution Assessment

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Azure Sentinel

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Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program

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Azure Stack

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Microsoft WVD

Why Choose Us

We help your business to be transformed to the cloud with our unique CloudCan Team experience

Experienced Team
on Cloud Technologies

We have 20+ years’ experience on Technology business. We transform companies in to the cloud with our 10+ years’ cloud tech experience.

Global Thinking and
Local Expertise

As CloudCan, we develop and expand our expertise overseas counties. We have offices in İstanbul and Qatar. We had projects and consultancy more than 10+ countries including Russia, Europe, Middle East and Africa Region.

Customer First Company Mindset

We are flexible, customer focused and agile company that brings success stories and cost advantages to our customers. Our main aim is to be a trusted partner to your company.

Cloud Technology
Consultant Leadership

We approach your business as consultant mindset so that brings more productivity when you adapt to cloud technologies. We aim to position your IT department to be a trusted partner within the company with CloudCan partnership.

CloudCan Services

Cloud Comdputing Consultancy

With our expert and experienced team on cloud technologies, we are delivering solutions for different business needs with our clouds services.

Cloud Service Management

Within the scope of our managed service, we can manage, report, update and sustain your work process on cloud as Cloud Can.

Hybrid Infrastructure Management and Security

We can expand your work load and data to cloud environment with hybrid infrastructure and we are organising security and management of your current infrastructure in most accurate way.

Data Center Transformation

You can trust our professional consultancy service for your cloud transformation to keep up with your competitors in digital transformation process.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

As CloudCan, we are planning and executing back-up and disaster recovery solutions offered at global scale as cloud computing applications.

SAP on Cloud

We are offering solutions for production environment, test and development, quality assurance (QA), back-up, disaster recovery and archiving scenarios for your critical SAP application by utilising cloud platform.

Our Solutions

IT and Inventory Management

IT management is important for correct inventory tracking. Correct reporting and tracking of your current software and hardware inventory will offer high benefits for licensing that matches organisational policies and contract renewal. With our solutions, you can easily overcome this challenge.

Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Solutions

We are offering healthier IT management with our package solutions against workload, application and other infrastructure system, factors that might decrease your performance and vulnerabilities that might threaten security of your systems.

Do you want to expand your business with Cloud Technology