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Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization is About Delivering Business Efficiency

Cloud optimization is the process of correctly selecting and assigning the right resources to a workload or application. When workload performance, compliance, and cost are correctly and continually balanced against the best-fit infrastructure in real time, efficiency is achieved.

Why Organizations are Concerned about Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization is a deliverable for IT Operations teams—specifically CloudOps or DevOps, depending on the organization—who are responsible for resource allocation.

These highly-skilled individuals are often caught between requirements leveled by Finance departments—who want to control cloud spend, and application owners, who never want to hear that the resources for their apps are being reduced.

For modern organizations to be successful, it is critical that IT Ops have control over the reign of these stakeholders. Cloud optimization makes this possible, allowing CloudOps to maximize cloud value-for-spend (soothing Finance Analysts and the CFO) and deliver topmost app performance and reporting thereof (making application owners and their end users happy).

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