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CloudCan Inventory and Licence Manager

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is an effective way to manage inventory services, reduce IT costs and increase productivity through daily reporting, monitoring of software and hardware that is connected to a specific network.

Basic Rules of Inventory Management
  • Accurately reporting, monitoring and managing changes to current inventory
  • Hight benefit-low cost principle on software selection strategy
  • Retiring inventory when management costs exceed benefits
  • Obtaining necessary information for licencing that matches organisational policies and contract renewals
Challenges In Inventory Management
  • The installed software can’t be tracked.
  • It is not possible to know hardware/software inventory changes.
  • Unused/idle inventory cannot be identified.
  • Software license usage cannot be measured.
Risks of Manual Inventory Management
  • Untracked software uploads cause unpredictable software budgets.
  • Causes security vulnerabilities.
  • Managing software updates becomes complicated.
  • Compliance standarts such as KVKK/GDPR and ISO 27001 are harder to implement.
  • Increases IT management costs.
  • Causes slowdowns and bottlenecks at IT environments.

Inventory Management Objectives

It is important that software inventory can be actively reported. Analyzing software, hardware and operating systems according to license eligiblity is one of the main objectives. Thus, productivity can be increased while lowering costs. System security level also increases with the usege of legal/licensed software.

Our Solutions

CloudCan Inventory Manager

Collecting IT software and hardware inventory on the network
Monitoring changes on a daily basis
Viewing inventory changes retrospectively (previous versions)
Business intelligence for effective inventory management
Periodic reporting of software and hardware changes
Detection of unused software
Usage reports for Office 365

CloudCan Licence Manager

Periodic licensing consultancy
Periodic reporting of license cost risks
Consultancy for reducing software license costs
Consolidation and optimization of licenses
Adapting to changes in licensing policies
Migration consultancy to cloud services (Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365)